Why Flutter?

Google’s mission with Flutter is ... To build a better way to develop for mobile Notice what is not in that mission. There’s no mention of Android (which is also owned by Google) nor of iOS nor of the Web. Flutter’s goal is to create a better way to develop for all devices. In other words, Flutter should be better to create iOS apps than Swift. It should be better to create Android apps than Kotlin. It should be better to create web apps than HTML/JavaScript. And if you get all of those things simultaneously with one codebase, all the better. The Flutter team has succeeded spectacularly with this mission. As proof, Eric Seidel offers this example.2 The Google CRM team used Flutter to build an internal Android app and did it three times faster than with their traditional Android toolchain! But it turns out that Flutter isn’t the only game in town for crossplatform. You have other options.


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