Restaurant Management Application android projects

Restaurant Management System is a android based application developed to make the process of various restaurant operations including ordering, billing kitchen, hall and inventory management easier and faster including reliability.

The main purpose is to improve the performance of the restaurant by eradicating the daily paperwork. With this system the tasks would be performed in less amount of time and more efficiently. An additional benefit of this software is that during the rush hours the load can be balanced effectively, and restaurants would perform better than usual. In addition to this, human error that occurs when performing tasks manually is also minimized and presence of queues in the system to assign tasks to chefs can reduce congestion in the kitchen. The system would also result in reduction of labor which would result in the reduction of expenses of the restaurant. Feedback module would help the restaurant check for how well they are performing, and monthly/yearly figures can be checked by the billing module to see the trends in sales and profits. These benefits can potentially result in generation of more revenues for the restaurant.

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