Project Bhandar Project list


food ingredients app flutter project

Food Donation App College Project

College Android and Website Project

College Leave Management System

Servey for Indian fingerprint unlocking system for a Android app

Budget Manager Using Android

online course management system project

hotel management system project

hospital management system project

database management system projects

Barbershop Service Booking Mobile App

Android Messenger App

Herb & Grocery Shopping Android App

Donate Food Order Application or Website

The best recipe apps for Android

Campus Selection Procedure Android App Project Report

Medical Advisor Android App by using Java & SQLite

Vehicle Registration for College Parking Android App & Web Application Project

College Sports Resource Booking Android and Web Application

Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Project

Development of Student Book Finder Mobile App Project

Farm Assist – An Android Application for Farmers Assistance Project

College Classroom Appliances Repair and Maintenance System App

College Student Results Analysis Android App Subject wise and Department wise

Hospital Patient Medical Records Information Project App

The College Student App – A Solution to a Student common College Requirements

Dental hub on android

Restaurant Table Order Management System

Patient health record system

Flat ranking model using android

Chennai MTC bus info system

Customer Complaint Report Software

Online Allotment System

Library Management System

Concise range queries system

Bluetooth based chatting system using android

Authentication schemes for session passwords using color and images

Android event scheduler reminder application

WORDPRESS blogging using android

Restaurant Management System android projects

Making of Text Translation App

Making Android Phone Complete Hardware Tester App Using Android Studio

AI-Based Picture Translation App

Android Spy Camera App Using Android Studio _ Android App Project

Android Bookaholics Circle Application

Income tax calculator application

Currency detector for visually impaired Application

Automated light dimming with Android application

Budget manager system Application

General Knowledge Chatbot Application

Public News App

A Random number generator Application

Ayurvedic Solution for all diseases Application

Digital Gram Panchayat Services

Bike Car Service Application

Lost Debit Card management system Application

Dementia patient helping application

Child Care Project Application

Location-based Alarm System Application

Digital Fare Meter Application

Online Catering Services Application

Online Voting System Application

Online examination Application

Bus Tracking System Application

Furniture Store Project Application

Musical Instrument Store System Application

Crime reporter and Missing person finder Application

Battery Saving System Application

Fingerprint authentication secured Android Notes Application

Digi Locker App

Tuition notes of the student app

Food for Train App

Timetable Manager Application

College Students Communication App

Fake Caller Application

Student Faculty Document Sharing Android Project

Android Inventory Tracker with Sales Prediction

Food WasteApplication Source Code

Covid App Source Code

Tab Based Library Book Availability & Location Finder

Secure File Access System Android Project

Android Based Parking Booking System

Android Based Furniture Shopping Project

Android AI Diet Consultant

Android Patient Tracker

Android location Alarm

Mumbai Dabbawala Application

University Referencing of Bibliography Android With Barcode Scan

Android Vehicle Tracking Project

Android Heart Disease Prediction Application

Bank Beacon Application

Search Current location Student university, jobs, and Living

Automated personality application

E-Commerce Application for Final year Project

Lyrics Finder App - JSON Parsing Explain

Retrofit Free Class and Source Code

School Management Source Code

Quiz Application Source Code

Trip Planner Android Application

Online Restaurant Reservation Systems

Android Attendance Management System with Source Code

Online Driver Hiring Android Application | Project Bhandar

Doctor Appointment Booking & Live Chat App

Bank Android Application

House Rental Management Application

Food loss and waste reduction during processing Application

Survey Land Registration System App

Virtual Dice Roller Mobile Apps

Stopwatch Mobile Apps

Tic-Tac-Toe Mobile Apps

Quiz Application

Reminder Application

School Apps Source Code

Digi Locker Mobile App

Tuition notes of the student app

Unit Converter Application

Color guessing game Mobile Apps

Timetable Manager Application and Website

College Students Communication App and Website

Connect Chat App final year project

Emergency Ambulance Booking Android App

Fitness App

Develop a dating app based on your features

Develop a taxi app like Uber

Quarantine Management System Applications

Tracking and Raising Ticket Bug System Website

Tracking and Raising Ticket Bug System Application

Tourism City Tour Website

Tourism City Tour Application

Theatre Tickets Booking Website

Theatre Tickets Booking Application

E-commerce Source Code

Financial services Website

Financial services Mobile Apps

E-commerce Mobile Apps

Firebase Full Course

Json Sourse Code

Smart buying Environment Website

Smart buying Environment Application

Search lost Person Website

Search lost Person Application

Restourant Food Online Website

Restourant Food Online Application

PWD Website

PWD Application

PG Locator Website

PG Locator Application

PG Hostel Management Website

PG Hostel Management Application

Management Website

Management Application

License RC Book Insurance information Website

License RC Book Insurance information Application

copy of Job Peers Online Traning Application

Job Peers Online Traning Application

sports Website

sports Application

JSON Full Course Android Studio

Kotlin Full Course

Java full Course

Insurance Management System Website

Insurance Management System Mobile Application

Health Care Hospital Management Website

Health Care Hospital Management Mobile Apps

GYM Management System Website

GYM Management System Mobile Apps

Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based Website

Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based Mobile Apps

Garments Work Management Website

Garments Work Management Application

Farmer information Website

Farmer information Application

Exam Management Website

Exam Management Applications

Event Management System Website

Event Management System Application

Egg Production Management Website

Egg Production Management Application

Efficent Privacy Preserving Application

Efficent Privacy Preserving Application

Tablet Based Educational Website

Tablet Based Educational Mobile Apps

Ediagnostic Lab Management Website

Ediagnostic Lab Management Application

E com Application for Online shopping Application

E com Application for Online shopping Application

Vue.js Full Course

TailWindCss Full Course

React JS


Laravel Full Course

Tablayout Source Code

bus Location Tracking Mobile Application

bus Location Tracking Mobile Application

Courier management System based Website

Courier management System based Mobile Application

Contractor and worker Mobile Apps

Contractor and worker Mobile Apps

College Hostel Club Website

College Hostel Club Mobile Apps

Chemistry Lab Stock Management Application

Chemistry Lab Stock Management Application

Career Guidance Based Website

Career Guidance Based Application

Car Polling Website

Car Polling Application

Cake order shoping Website

Cake order shoping Application

Business Invoices Application

Business Invoices Application

Business Growth Mobile Website

Business Growth Mobile Application

Login and Registration Source Code

Blood Bank Website

Blood Bank Mobile Apps

Finding Lost Debit Card Mobile Website

Finding Lost Debit Card Mobile Application

Exam Hall Ticket Management

Exam Hall Ticket Management System Application

Electric Vehicle Recharge Nearest Website

Electric Vehicle Recharge Nearest Mobile App

Crime Identification Face Matching Website

Crime Identification Face Matching Application

College Management System Website

College Management System Application

Bike Services Management System Website

Bike Services Management System Application

Banking Website

Banking Mobile Application

Attendace Management System Website

Attendace Management System Mobile Application

Ambulance Search Website

Ambulance search Mobile Application

Woman Safty and Security Website

Woman Safty and Security Mobile Apps

White Card Website

White Card Application

traffic squad Mobile Website

Traffic squad Mobile Apps

Online Bus Pass Booking Website

Online Bus Pass Booking Application

Hospital Management Website

Hospital Management System Application

Cricket live score Website

Cricket live Score Application

College Campus Website

College Campus Grievance Mobile Application

Child Safety Website

Child Safety Mobile Application

School Website

School Apps

School Mangement Website

School Management System Apps

Online Class Website

Online Class Mobile Apps

Toll gate Online Payment Website

Toll gate Online Payment Apps

On-Road Vehicle Breakdown Mobile Application Website

On-Road Vehicle Breakdown Mobile Application

E-Voting Website

E-Voting Mobile Application

Online Complain Website

Online Complain Apps

Online Book Store Website

Book Store Online Apps

COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Booking Website

Coronavirus | Online Appointment Apps

Farmer Online Shopping and Selling App

Farmer Online Shopping and Selling App

School Mangement Apps

Java Course

Full Android Development Course


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