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In this Location Tracking project we will track the location of the mobile user automatically when the message sent is matched with the code that is set by the developer in the application. If not it will be as a normal message to the mobile and will be stored in inbox.

This application can automatically run in background once it is installed until it is uninstalled. Here in this project we set a code which is itself a password and this code must be sent in the form of message from another mobile. This application can be installed in any android mobiles.

It is a project that you can able to find the location of a mobile which is been lost or missed. Our application can be very useful to the user because it is the only application that can trace the exact location of the mobile.

Our application must be installed in the mobile whose location is to be traced and in our application a code is been set. When our mobile is lost or missed we send a message with code to the lost mobile from another mobile, the application on receiving the message checks whether it matches with the code. If it matches then it sends a message containing the location to the sender’s mobile number.

This application works in background and the user cannot find this application on the mobile screen though it is installed in that mobile.This application will be supported by all the network providers.

This application makes use of GPS services and internet services in the mobile. For developing this application, we use components like broadcast receiver(), service() ,etc.

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