Final Year Project For College Student

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Online Course and Examination Management System

Advanced Car & Scooty Training Driving School Management System

Advanced Employee Management System Project Using PHP

Employee Transport Management System Project

online paying guest accommodation project

general task allocation and auction community system

canteen food ordering and management system

online personal counselling

e-visa processing & follow up system

loss prevention system in stock market trading

ecommerce for online medicine shopping

employee performance evaluation & appraisal calculation using data mining

online secondhand book buying & selling portal

College E Print Service Management

internet based discussion forum

increase productivity using quality management system

on road vehicle breakdown assistance finder

online faculty staff directory for multi university

customer targeted e-commerce project

data mining for sales prediction in tourism industry

hotel recommendation system based on hybrid recommendation model

online health shopping portal with product recommendation

college forums with alumni based on content filtering

advanced intelligent tourist guide

industrial visit planning & booking system

intelligent tourist guide system project

online pizza ordering system project

personality prediction system through cv analysis

secure backup popularity analysis using data mining

twitter trend analysis using data mining techniques

secure e-learning using data mining techniques

price negotiator ecommerce chatbot system

predicting user behavior through sessions web mining

online book recommendation using collaborative filtering

monitoring suspicious discussions on online forums php

fake product review monitoring & removal for genuine ratings php

detecting e banking phishing using associative classification

a commodity search system for online shopping using web mining

detecting phishing website using machine learning

secure electronic fund transfer over internet using DES

sports events management platform for colleges

secure online auction system

filtering political sentiment in social media from textual information

evaluation of academic performance of students with fuzzy logic

cooking recipe rating based on sentiment analysis

student information chatbot project

website evaluation using opinion mining

social media community using optimized clustering algorithm

preventing phishing attack on voting system using visual cryptography

search engine using web annotation

secure file storage on cloud using cryptography

e banking log system

heart disease prediction project

stream analysis for career choice aptitude tests

product review analysis for genuine rating

periodic census with graphical representation

android campus portal with graphical reporting

e commerce product rating based on customer review mining

website evaluation using opinion mining

online mobile recharge portal project

sentiment analysis for product rating project

detecting e banking phishing websites using Associative Classification

opinion mining for social networking site

opinion mining for restaurant reviews

monitoring suspicious discussions on online forums using data mining

opinion mining for comment sentiment analysis

fake product review monitoring and removal for genuine online product reviews using opinion mining

biomedical data mining for web page relevance checking

web data mining to detect online spread of terrorism

smart health consulting project

web filtering software

webpage ranking search engine with seo suggestion

user web access records mining for business intelligence

banking bot project

intelligent chat bot

unique user identification across multiple social networks

custom web search with user centric map

social network privacy using two tales of privacy algorithm

web mining for suspicious keyword prominence

customer behavior prediction using web usage mining

web content trust rating prediction using evidence theory

topic detection using keyword clustering

an adaptive social media recommendation system

exam cell automation system

automated timetable generator php

college admission predictor php

college social network project php

crm for internet service provider php

arduino based snake robot controlled using android application

daily route planner

android college attendance system

android ocr snap & share application

cab booking android application

android food order and delivery app

currency detector app for visually impaired project

android women safety app

friendly map android application for disabled people

trip planner android application

android paper free document sharing app project

Android Smart Sticky Notes application Project

Library Management System with SMS Autoreply

Personal diary for visually impaired with Mirosoft cognitive service

Image Analysis Application & Image Insight using Googles Cloud Vision API

Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs Quiz App

Location Finder App using Android Phone & Cloud Vision API

Zapdroid Project: Managing Used Applications on Smartphones

Android Smart Health Monitoring System

Android Auction System App Project

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using Android

E college System for Blind students

Android Place Marker

Android Help Assistance Near Me

Canteen Automation System using Android

Android Vechicle Tracking with Speed Limiting

Android-based QR Parking Booking

Multi Restaurant Food Ordering & Management System

Android Smart Ticketing System using RFID

Finacial Status Analysis Using

Android Query Generator

ANdroid Attendance System Using RFID

Android General Knowledge Chatbot

Android Based Self Attendance System Using OTP

Android Vehicle Toll Payment System

Android Task Monitoring

Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android

RFID Based Automatic Traffic Violation Ticketing

Android Based Visual Product Identification for The Blind

Android Offloading Computation over Cloud

Railway Ticket Booking System Using QR Codes

Secure Digi Locker Application

Android Campus Recruitment System

Android FIle Manager Application Project

Voice Assistance for Visually Impaired

Your Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API

Mobile Based Attendance System

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker using OCR

Face Detection Using Mobile Vision API

Teacher Automatic Time-Table software Generation System using php

Read Me My Book App

Customer Targeted E-Commerce

Android General Knowledge Chatbot

Customer Focused Ecommerce Site with AI Bot

Your Personal Nutritionist Using Fat Secret API

Price Negotiator Ecommerce Chatbot System

Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis

TV Show Popularity Analysis Using Data Minging

Twitter Trend Analysis Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering

Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining Php

Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal For Genuine Rating php

A Commodity Search System For Online Shopping Using Web Mining

College Enquiry Chat Bot

Stream Analysis for Career Choice Aptitude Tests

Product Review Analysis for Genuine Rating

Android Smart City Traveler

Heart Disease Prediction Project

Smart Health Consulting Project

Banking Bot Project

Sentiment Based Movie Rating System

Online AI Shopping With M-Wallet System

Question paper generator System

Student information Chatbot project

Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining

Android Attendance System

Intelligent Tourist System Project

Matrimonial management system for your

Library management system for your

online exam management system for your

clinic management system for computer science

car share management system

medicine inventory management system for your

sports good management system

border control management

bus management system

pay distribution management

furniture shop management system

clothing store organizer

customer complaints management

online street food delivery management system

courier management system

online gallery art system

bookstore management system

computer science help

Super marketing biling project

hospital management system

student information system

clinic management system

car rental management system

bus ticket reservation system

movie ticket booking system

house construction bid management

online tiffin booking system

online agency management system

attendance management system

cargo management system

case information management system

online classroom management system

online crime management system

online hotel management system

online loan management system

android pc chatting & image sharing system

android tourist guide project

android AI Diet Consultant

Automated Payroll with GPS Tracking and Image Capture

Android Based Parking

Photo Viewer Android Project

Android File finder and Sorting

Android Inventory Tracker

Android Placed Finder Project

Android Electricity Bill Payment project

Android Tour & Travel Agency Project

Android Law System Project

Library Book Locator Project

Grocery Shopping Android

Furniture Shopping

Airline Reservation System Project

Airport Network Flight Scheduler

Local Train Ticket Booking

Smart city Traveler

Canteen Ordering System

College Time Table Generator

Payroll With GPS Tracking


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